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My 100 Days of October CMS Challenge

Day 5: Layouts

Today I reviewed the Layouts documentation after a few days off to take on some big projects. I enjoy how straight forward templating for October seems to be. Setting your own Layout and Placeholder names allows a for creating your own naming structure. If I decide to use Zurb's CSS framework Foundation I can name items what they are based on that system's structure.

So If I needed to create a Orbit carousel I could simply name it orbit. An accordion can be called an accordion. If you want to pull in a page simply use {% page %} and that's pretty much it. No get_the_title() or the_content().


Day 4: Partials

I read October's page on Partials which provide a way to include template parts as we would in WordPress while also having the ability to be dynamic and change according to the page its loaded. ;)

Day 2: Documentation Review
Today consisted of casual reading of documentation and kicking the tires on my localhost environment.
Day 1: Installation & Setup
This pandemic looks like it will continue with vengence for at least another 100 days. To pass the time and break up my routine of WordPress development I'm past due to learn October CMS