This pandemic looks like it will continue with vengence for at least another 100 days. To pass the time and break up my routine of WordPress development I'm past due to learn October CMS.

October CMS is a lightweight content management system which appeals to me from a point of speed and perhaps simplicity. So I might like it here. It's worth pointing out the light RAM footprint of 344MB so I'll be able to easily host this on a $5 a month droplet.

Day One required an install of October to host this blog. Otherwise if I'm not spamming social media what's the point of a 100 Days of Code challege.

I haven't installed October CMS previously so it wasn't too big a job. I simply followed a post I previously wrote at my personal blog and it appears the process is still the same. I had attempted to set up this server on Ubuntu 20.04 but ran into some odd 'driver' issue that I couldn't resolve so I went with Digital Ocean's 18.04 LAMP droplet as it hasn't failed me in the past. From there I went through my installation outline and selected the classic Clean Blog theme.

After installation and basic configuration I activated certbot and began writing this post.

My 100 Days of October CMS Challenge

The first seven days will consist of reading the documention

  1. Today: Installation & Setup
  2. Review Documentation
  3. Build an About Page
  4. Partials
  5. Layouts
  6. Content Blocks
  7. Components
  8. Media Manager

From day eight onward I'll likely drill down on a topic that intrests me and organize a longer list that includes accessibility and possibly performance imporvemnts to this theme.